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SpikeMaster 60 - Heavy Duty Drum Spike Aerator with 126 Spikes.

Revive Your Lawn with Strongway's 60in.W Drum Spike Aerator - 126 Spikes for a Healthier, Greener Yard!

- Easy to Use: The aerator is easy to use, with a simple tow-behind design that attaches to any ATV or lawn tractor. It also has a convenient lift lever that allows for easy transport and storage.
- Versatile: The aerator is versatile and can be used on a variety of terrains, including lawns, gardens, and fields. It is also adjustable, with three different height settings, allowing for customized aeration depending on the specific needs of the soil.

The Strongway Drum Spike Aerator is an essential tool for maintaining a healthy lawn. With a width of 60 inches and 126 spikes, it is capable of aerating a large area quickly and efficiently. The spikes are made of durable steel and penetrate up to 2.5 inches into the soil, allowing for optimal air and water flow to the roots of your grass. The drum design of the aerator ensures that the spikes penetrate the soil evenly and consistently, resulting in a more uniform lawn. The aerator also features a weight tray that can be filled with sand or other materials to increase the depth of the spikes and enhance the overall effectiveness of the machine. Overall, the Strongway Drum Spike Aerator is a reliable and effective tool that will help you achieve a lush and healthy lawn.